Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up Close and Personal with Kanch

Dear Blog-readers,

If you've been wondering who's been writing your blogs the last few weeks, then I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I'm a Hong Kong girl, born and bred. I love to travel, love to try new cuisines, love to read, and learnt all my fashion knowledge from spending quality hours shopping at the malls and stores through the years.

I started working for Kanchan early last month. When I first met Kanch at my interview, she wore denim shorts, a button up shirt, thick rimmed glasses and a very cool attitude. I had heard of and knew of Kanchan Couture, but I didn't know much about Kanch. In my quest to find out more about her and her experience as a designer, I sat down and asked her a few questions...

Define what Fashion means to you.

"Fashion means expressing who you are to the world and adding value to people's lives. Fashion is being in love.

I am a creative person and this felt like the most natural way to express myself."

What was your first Fashion memory?

"It wasn't like at the age of 2 I knew I wanted to be a designer. It kind fell upon me like the rest of life does...However, when I was younger and my family lived in India, I remember my father traveling a lot for business. Once, on his way back from Hong Kong, he bought my mother a beautiful black-silk, pleated dress. I loved the way this dress looked. My mom has promised to pass this dress on to me...when she can part with it!"

What was your most difficult moment when starting your own fashion label?

"I cannot re-call one particular moment but yes there are times when you doubt what you're doing and why you're doing it. It is very difficult to juggle being different parts of the company all at once, you're the creative director, the sales, the PR, the HR, the cleaner..its an all in one role and often it can be overwhelming. But then you calm down and re-assess it all and just do one thing at a time, take one day and a time and breathe!"

Knowing everything you know now about starting your own designer label,
would you have done it all again?
"Yes Yes Yes, without a doubt and I wouldn't do anything differently. It has been the most amazing experience of my life. Sure there are ups and downs, like anything else in life, but I cannot describe the feeling of waking up in the morning knowing that I am lucky enough to do what I love. I have met some amazing people, learnt a sea full of knowledge that no job could have given me, which has helped to build character in ways I could have only dreamt of. I am sure that this is not the only label that I'll have ever started - who really knows where life takes me. Just be sure to love what you do..life is too short!"

I have learnt a lot about Kanch since I've started working here. She likes to listen to songs that have been stuck in her head, over and over... and over again, until I know all the lyrics. She likes to do things differently from everyone else, which makes her stand out. She likes 'char siu fahn' for lunch, when we're having a really busy day at work and can't step out. All I know is working with her has been a breath of fresh air in this smoggy city, because she does what makes her happy...

Enquiries 2117 2187 or email info@kanchancouture.com
www.kanchancouture.com | www.kanchancouture-bridal.com

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