Friday, July 30, 2010

A breath of fresh air…

We believe inspiration is everywhere and can spark from everything.

I was at the Slash concert a night or two ago with a composer / musician friend of mine and while the opening band was playing, I asked, "How do you tell if a musician is good? Do you judge the lyrics or if they play the instruments well?" He looked at me, pointed at his heart and said, "It's really how it makes you feel and what it brings up for you."

Very simple, yet very true...that is where all inspiration stems from - the heart. What you do with inspiration after you have found it, depends on you. Does your heart guide you to inspiration or do you wait for inspiration?

Kanch went on holiday to the South of France recently. I had asked her to take a few photos. I've never been to France, so I wanted to see a little piece of France through her eyes. Kanch found inspiration in food, colors, graffiti..a heart potato on a plate. I wanted to share with you bits the photos she shared with me.

My favorite photo: the human with a canine head, holding the dog on leash with a personified head. Dog like person holding human like dog? Ingenious.

Kanch said that she found the South of France inspiring - 'the colors, the food, the people just make you fall in love with life and the calm way of being'.

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