Friday, August 6, 2010

Surf, Turf, Mao & Bruce Lee

Here at Kanchan Couture, we have a relationship with the skill and art form of Printing. As those of you familiar with our brand know, Kanchan Panjabi has married the art form of hand-screen printing with modern design. When we heard that Phil Hayes, Vice President of Quiksilver & Artist, was holding his 2nd solo exhibition at UFO Gallery, we were more than ecstatic and couldn’t wait to attend. 

Phil Hayes’ current artwork is based on the move from Australia to Hong Kong. He portrays the move and the iconic differences between the two places by blending Australian wildlife, with Asian icons like Mao and Bruce Lee.  He prints this onto various sized canvases, surfboards and mailboxes. 

My favorite piece was HKD$20,000, leave it up to me to like one of the higher end pieces, which was a blend of different shades of blue, the hues, the wildlife, Bruce Lee, it all just called to me. Had it not been bought already, I would have totally wanted to rock that surfboard on the seas. 
Hayes’ beatnik style of art was under spotlight and praise all night as people mingled, sipped on drinks and ate cupcakes. Overall, THREE THUMBS UP for a great collection! 

Never fear, Hayes is still here! Exhibition running until 1st September... 
Visit for details 
Artist: Phil Hayes | email

Enquiries 2117 2187 or email 

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