Tuesday, March 2, 2010

High society is back in Milan

Milan Fashion Week is drawing to a close so it would seem the perfect time for reflection. The Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 collections have all be worth the wait. With fashion suffering in the hands of the economy last year, this season welcomes back high society with designers opting for plush, sexy, bold styles and materials. The omnipresence of fur played towards this high society, luxury feel, while also placing particular emphasis on sexiness. The Prada collection appeared particularly bold and sexy, with dresses with fitted bodices and ruffles delineated busts adding drama.

Designers mixed and layered leather, fur and wool on clothes and at times looked to draw inspiration from male wardrobes. Some of the stand outs this week include Dolce and Gabbana’s swish tailoring, Roberto Cavalli’s daring furs, and modern day ballet from Versus.

Despite there appearing to be a pick up in the economy this year, Ken Downing, fashion director at Neiman Marcus, made the point that it is still vitally important that the designer thinks of the women who can afford to buy the clothes going up and down the runway. In light of this, designers showcasing in Milan seem to have opted for an evolution of style and design, rather than a revolution. This could easily have resulting in cautious, safe designs but what has transpired was, instead, a bold mix of colour, fur and sexiness which has fired up womenswear and will hopefully inspire women to seek newness for their wardrobes.

Now we just have to wait a few months for the collections to filter down and come our way. But with it all looking this good, who's complaining!

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