Sunday, March 21, 2010

Build up to the Big Day!

Kelly, Marketing and Events Executive at Kanchan Couture:

With our Bridal Collection launch night this week (Wednesday 24th March), I thought it was a perfect time for a reflection on the build up to the big day.

When Kanch first proposed the Bridal Collection to me I was thrilled. This would be my first opportunity to follow a collection and see its progression from initial idea to final release. And no matter who you are, Bridal-wear is something special so my connection to this collection was always going to be strong.

As well as the new dresses, the new brand and everything that came along with it had to be developed. The wonderful people at uforepublic made this stage really easy. Their beautiful and creative branding was absolutely perfect and we knew instantly that this was the start of something wonderful.

Putting together all the material for the website and getting the organization for the event sorted was the next challenge. The time and energy that goes in to planning and organizing the launch of a new brand and new collection is not something to be taken lightly. For us, our motivation came from the passion we have for this collection and the excitement of being able to play a part in making brides’ dreams come true.

We checked our calendar everyday for a week in the lead up to the first samples arriving! When they were delivered, we dropped everything and unwrapped them all, eagerly anticipating the beauty and elegance that was just waiting to be unleashed. The ‘wows’ and ‘awwwws’ quickly ensued, with both of us excitedly trying on each piece! I couldn’t help but chuckle at what followed as I realized that it was almost an exact replica of the scene in Friends where Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all get dressed up in wedding dresses and prance around the living room.

Next was the photo shoot, which has been touched on in a previous blog. Let me just re-iterate how much fun we all had on the shoot. The beautiful dresses were finished off wonderfully with hair and makeup to fit a princess.

As much as the journey to the aisle is a process of learning for the Bride, with passion and energy thrown in, our journey to launching this collection has been filled with the same excitement, energy and enthusiasm (with a healthy dose of learning on my part)! Ultimately we just want to provide Brides-to-be with dresses that they fall in love with…..

Make sure you come to our launch night on Wednesday 24th March at 6.00 to help us celebrate the start of the next stage of our journey.

The new website will be launched at the same time so check it out on Wednesday 24th March:

Event Details

Kanchan Couture Boutique
4/F, 108-110 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong

Press Launch - 4.00 pm
Open Launch – 6.00 pm

RSVP required: or 2117 1782

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