Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Backstage pass to bridal bliss!

With the launch of a brand new collection and brand, and with this being Kanch’s umteenth shoot, we wanted to switch the perspective and write this behind-the-scenes account from fresh eyes. New brand… new blogger! Having just started working at Kanchan Couture, Kelly wanted to take up the reins as queen bridal blogger and this is her account of the shoot!


With clouds in the sky, drizzle falling and sub-zero temperatures (approximately) our dreams of a sunny photo shoot in a beautiful flower garden or warm beach were quickly thrown aside! A last minute decision was made to be more realistic with venue decisions and our boutique cum photography studio started to take shape!

As the variety of creative geniuses that made up our shoot team (including the fabulous and extremely talented hair and makeup guru and photographer extraordinaire, Angel and Joyce) gathered in our boutique, we eagerly awaited the arrival of the cakes and the muse, also known as model Shreya.

Anticipation was building as the cake team arrived to assemble the elaborate and beautifully crafted edible masterpieces and the model, with hair and makeup complete, changed into the first dress.

The whole process ran without a hitch and with perfect timing. Each dress looked more beautiful than the last and the cakes were extremely tempting! Kanch helped us hold back the urge to scoff down the entire 4-tiered cake by providing a hearty lunch of pizza and dough balls followed by delicious cupcakes!

We received quite a few stares and had a mini audience of budding photographers surrounding us at one point, perhaps the sight of wedding dresses caught people off guard. Personally I think it was the slightly odd combination of multi-coloured mittens, grey scawl and wedding dress parading round the backstreets of Central.

The afternoon’s festivities (ehem… sorry, hard work and exhaustion!) were joyfully topped off during the final shoot of the day when the fruit stall lady, commentating throughout the shoot, openly remarked that our model had excellent bone structure and great potential. Fruit stall owner and part time model agent perhaps!?! The day brought it’s fair share of drama, excitement and a lot of laughter and I am incredibly proud to have had the privilege of working with such lovely, talented artists.

To be among the first to see these photographs, make sure you RSVP to the Kanchan Couture Bridal launch night on Wednesday 24th March!

RSVP: kelly@kanchancouture.com or 2117 1782

- Wishing you all much bridal bliss, Kelly x


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