Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogging the trends

It used to be that fashion trends were created and crafted by the hugely influential magazine editors of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. It would take these editors’ years of graft and struggle to get to the top of the business and finally be able to have their voices heard and their opinions respected by fashion followers. As such they were revered and idolized as fashion gods, truly in the know. However, with the digital age upon us, today’s generation of young bloggers have the tools, access and information to create and promote their own fashion culture, to great effect!

Editorial coverage from the internet-empowered youth has grown rapidly, with bloggers such as Charles Guislain and Tavi quickly moving from unimportant outsider to fashion frontrunners, challenging the dominance of major editorials as respected authorities on taste and style. Their accessible and street level presence has created a new following and makes them attractive to young consumers. This new culture of blogging brings the power back to the street. For an industry that has long thrived on hierarchy and creating luxury through exclusivity, this underscoring and reversal of power has definitely thrown a spanner in the works.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than the street photography sites popping up on the Internet: allowing for an astonishingly rapid global exchange of trends. The Sartorialist, for example, has become renowned for showcasing the latest street level looks and fashions from across the globe, showcasing accessible, wearable fashion that appeals to all.

None of this was possible before the Internet. But as a result of this outstanding global communication tool, individuals are able to share their own thoughts and opinions, which are often remarkably self-aware and savvy! These bloggers are able to quickly interpret the latest catwalk looks and imitate them; creating mix-and-match ensembles that are incredibly fashion fluent and innovative.

This move towards blogging and sharing fashion looks online is allowing for exceptional young talent to really show what they are capable of, providing them with the freedom to express their creativity and fashion visions on a global stage. However, the Business of Fashion believes that this emerging digital fashion industry may make it less likely that anybody in the future will have as much consolidated influence as figures like Suzy Menkes or Anna Wintour do today.


Image from www.cyanatrendland.com

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