Monday, February 2, 2009

Incredible India

Every trip to India brings a new exciting experience….its always an intense mix of colors, sounds and smells. On every motorbike, Auto-Rickshaw, bus and car women are adorned in bight colors and rich silk….truly beautiful!

This trip I spent my time visiting factories in search of new factories and suppliers who could offer high quality production along with a good price.

Image Above: A screen printing house, this is the table they use to print on, it is rubbed down with wax which helps the fabric stay in place

Image Above: The table is then lined up with hinges which the screens sit in and paint is mixed up to the colors that will be used on the print.

Image Above: The same factory also has a block printing department

Image Above: The fabrics are air dried on this after printing and dyeing

Oh how I love India...

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