Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chocolate Couture

A dear friend of mine and chocolate expert Francesca was launching her own chocolate label in Hong Kong and asked if I would be interested in collaborating to come out with a line of Chocolate couture. Immediately this got my mouth watering and eyes sparkling. I had this idea run through my head in December just before Christmas but could not find the right collaborator and now it had just fallen in my lap! So we were on a our…….

The collaboration includes a series of ladies nights at L’atelier de Kanch and the launch of the ‘Chocolate Couture’ gift, for a modest but fabulous indulgence. We had our first successful night on the 4th of Feb at the L’atelier and then moved on to putting together an event for the press
and our VIP customers at M1nt.

The evening was filled with chocolates, champagne, beautiful Spanish red wine, a fashion show and lots of laughter.

The chocolate Couture gift, a box of 16 Delicious Swiss Hand Made Pralines Presented in a Limited Edition, Hand Printed Silk, Bag for only $338 HKD.
Contact us at for more info.

Luxury doesn’t come much happier than this!

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