Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty in Pink

If there is one colour in the rainbow that suits everyone, I'd say it has to be pink. Whether you're skin tone is dark or light there is more than one shade that suits you.

The great thing about this colour is that it doesn't just stop with clothing, you can wear different lipstick shades, from light to dark or even hot pink if you're daring enough. But since summer is almost here, its time to break out your gorgeous floral prints, pretty pastels and flowy fabrics.

To be honest, I don't really wear pink, not because I don't think it suits me I just think its a bit too girly for my taste. I do wear pink when I can in moderate amounts, like lipstick or an accessory like a bag or scarf just to brighten my whole look but I'm not a fan of too much pink.

When it comes to style, its all about personal preference which is what makes your style unique. Kanch loves colour and certainly loves pink.

For those that love the accents:
If only touches of pink suit you then you might want to try subtle hints such as lipstick. There are so many shades out there you just have to pick the one that compliments your skin tone and the rest of your outfit. If you're wearing lots of bright colours already, you might want to stay away from a vibrant shade and go for something softer. 

For those that like to deck out:
If you do like a lot of pink make sure you do it moderately and it works with your entire outfit. You don't really want to wear neon pink with other neon colours unless you're traveling back to the 80s for a rave party. Wear some dark or dull colours but dress it up with a hot pink trench coat. You always want to balance out what you're wearing so it doesn't look over worked or over powering.

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