Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Green with Envy

I wanted to do a post on colours since its been a while and of course, we're sort of known for our bright and eye catching palette.

Green is one of my favourite colours and the great thing about it is it works for every season, just change the tone from pastel for summer to forest or christmas green for autumn/winter.
It's also a colour that works well on all skin types but generally better on brunettes. The colour creates a beautiful backdrop for dark hair and brings out the colour of your eyes.
So I complied somethings that are eye catching, fun, flirty and feminine to suit your personal taste.
My favourite skirt has to be the Pencil skirt with detachable train, it's versatility is one reason why i find it appealing. Its form fitting shape makes it great for all sizes and its train is perfect if you're not 100% confident.
Close for 2nd place is our high waist Green Brocade Skirt, that can be worn with some high top kicks or classic ballet flats or heels. Kanch sourced a gorgeous fabric that is a silk brocade if you love subtle detail. Its also a great palette for you to build on with accessories, jewellery or some fun extravagant heels.

These are a pair of my favourite earrings from our gold collection adorned with gorgeous ombre green agate stones. One of our most extravagant pieces for a more out there personality. 

If you're a more of a classic gal, these are a perfect fit for you. Not extravagant but has the right amount of glamour and elegance. Remember stay true to your style! 

Love, Petra

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