Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whats Trending?

Hong Kong has some of the strangest weather I've ever come across and usually it's really cold during this time but I'm finding myself writing this in just a t-shirt.

For the first time since I can remember, I am desperately looking forward to summer. Usually I'm dreading the season because it's so hot and humid and hardly stylish because you want to wear as little as possible (without looking risque) to avoid melting under the sun.

But...... This year my outlook has totally changed and I think it might have something to do with this years trends or maybe I'm just becoming less cynical about HK weather.

So I picked out a top trend for 2013 that absolutely relates to us- Asian influence.
Kanch's design aesthetic is influenced by her heritage and Asian influences are very prominent in her designs. Even textiles are sourced from Thailand and India and lots of gems and jewels from from India, China and Hong Kong.

I picked some of my favourite Asian influenced pieces from our collections. The first, a Cheongsam Collar top with side detail embroidery. I especially love this top because of its soft silk cotton mesh fabric and minimalistic but beautiful hand stitched detail.
The second, an Ikat print dress our most viewed item on our E-shop has a Indonesian tradition print in a cotton woven fabric.
The next piece is a blue silk skirt that is hand silk screen printed in India.  Kanch's prints usually consist of family images that are manipulated on photoshop to create a better effect for the silk screen print process. I adore the colour combination of this skirt, the gold really pops on top of that vibrant blue silk and the shape is fun and flirty but perfect for a work event or outing with the girls!

This year, the jewellery trends are getting chunkier and brighter! 
We created a collection of charity bracelets in which 50% of proceeds go to charity! These collections are our brightest yet and the proceeds go to a great cause to help children and young adults get an education in India.
Recently we got our Valentines collection!! I love it when we get new stock sent in, its like Christmas!
For this special addition we used different centre pieces, gem covered crosses, lips and hearts with new hamsa hand pieces.

The great thing about these bracelets is that they are first and formost, for charity but secondly, they are totally versatile and a conversation piece! Pick the colours and centre pieces that suit you best and rock it out with a casual outfit or a glamourous ensemble.

They are on sale now on our e-shop so get them now in time for Valentines! Check out all the styles and email us if you'd like to purchase 3 or more at ! 

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