Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 I was looking through some of Kanch's old design images and decided to write a little about Kanch's first works and most extravagant.

I love Kanch's old designs and especially her pieces she created while she was at school because they didn't necessarily have to be wearable but were simply to showcase her abilities and design aesthetic,  which would later turn into more wearable but still fashionable (of course) clothing.

My favourite pieces are these few, in my opinion, where fashion meets art. The construction and printing are so intricate and not to mention all those layers!
Kanch loves using high quality or unusual material such as our bear hug shawl which is made of a wood blend silk.
The first piece is made of a thicker silk-crepe material so it holds the shape of the skirt and top really well and features one of Kanch's classic silk screen prints on the inside of the collar on top to give it that extra pop of contrasting colour.

The last two were pieces Kanch created at Uni and have a glamourous couture, vintage 40s feel to them which is very much Kanch's calling. The skirts for these are much like the ones in our office, layered on top of each other to create a fuller look. Typically in the 40s these were the best dresses and skirts to dance and jive in!
Through the years they've developed all the while keeping the essence of the 40s alive. Like Dior, they are keeping this classic style going but updating it and tweaking it every season.

I think one thing that Kanch and I have in common is our love for the classics, movies, clothes, and imagery which is what drew me to work with her in the first place.

Check out her past pieces below!!

Love, Petra

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