Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bridal Accessories

We've been getting a lot of calls recently about bridal appointments and we're so sorry to say that we're fully booked this year!
We've also dedicated a lot of our time to charity, and a lot of new projects and events we're planning but I've decided to do a little update on bridal accessories!

When we have beautiful brides come to us to get their dresses made towards the end of the process in the final stages, talk of accessories and jewellery usually follow as its getting closer to the date.
We usually say to keep in mind a few things...

One: Keep in mind your colour scheme for your entire wedding, if you're going with neutrals then stick to that palette, don't go for neon accessories, tone it down to match, not clash. You also have to consider your bridesmaids dresses and accessories.

Two: Tone it down, keep it elegant and classic. You dont want accessories and jewellery to distract on YOUR special day. If you have a complicated collar on your wedding dress dont wear a necklace, think about a headpiece and bracelet. *Don't wear too many rings, you don't want to divert the attention from the ring that means the most!

By Kanchan Couture
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Three: Be sensible about your shoes, keep in mind your location and duration of the wedding. If you're planning it on a beach wear some wedges to give you a better sense of gravity or some pretty sandals. If your wedding lasts hours, bring a change of shoes or wear some comfortable shoes like flats.

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Four: Find your signature style for your wedding dress. Make sure on your big day that you are completely true to yourself in sense of style and comfort. If you're a vintage gal, work around that for your wedding, it will be easier to do your research for clothing and jewellery even display items! The style of your dress will determine the amount of accessories, if you're having a winter wedding and your dress is long sleeves, accessorize with a gorgeous embellished veil or waist belt.

Princess, Classic, Boho, Vintage
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Congratulations on your big day!

Love, Petra & Kanch

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