Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fashion Turbans

On Monday Kanch had mentioned that it would be cool if we learnt how to tie turbans for a special top secret project Kanchan Couture is working on.

So Kanch scheduled a little lesson on turban tying at the Sikh Temple in Wanchai on Wednesday which was fun and educational.

When we arrived at the temple it was very calm and peaceful. We took off our shoes and covered our heads with a bandana before we entered.
Before we were shown to our lesson we walked around and Kanch's mum told us a little about the history of the temple, being the oldest in Hong Kong at 100+ years old.

For this certain project Kanch and I are working on is for both fashionable and religious purposes and the reason we went to our private lesson was because we wanted to research on new inventive ways and ideas to modernize the turban.

I didn't realise there was an art to turban tying and all the styles and ways to tie them, whether it be for religious purposes or fashionable. I never realised how intricate and patient you have to be.

We were both looking online before our lesson to brainstorm for this project which we are both really excited for.

Here are some photos from our lesson...

I looked online at some photographs and runway shows featuring the turban as an accessorie and seeing that it was making a come back last year it has gone out of control in 2011! The look is all over the cat walk with gorgeous bright colours and embellishments

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set on Sex and the City


Cover of Vogue.

Stay tuned to see what our next project is! I'll give you a hint, its Fashion Week in....
Love, Petra

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