Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colour Palette: Green

Looking around our office its easy to see that Kanch and I are very colourful people, as our office looks like a rainbow threw up in it!

I was browsing through our clothes from Brussels that we hadn't seen in about a year and I picked my favourite colour; green and found a couple of items that I love in that colour.
I don't know why green is my fave, all the things I love just so happen to be green, green tea ice cream, mint, my phone case, and my favourite pair of shoes... I could go on!

One thing I love about the colour is that it works on just about any skin tone, from dark to light whether its a dress, jacket, trousers, hat or a plain old green tee it works.

I pick out a couple of things, some which i'm happy to say are back in stock after they were sold out to popular demand! I was so happy to see some of our old stock, opening the packages was like discovering gold as we've now got tons of skirts back in stock!

Green Brocade High Waisted Skirt - BACK IN STOCK
I think I'd have to say that this is one of my top 5 faveourite skirts from Kanchan Couture.
I love the fabric and the green is such a rich colour.

Teal Green Gift/Shoe Bag
I love this bag as its perfect for the gal on the go. Kanch and I have events to attend regularly and usually head there straight after work, so we carry our heels in our bag until we leave for our event!

Green Tear Drop Cuff- BACK IN STOCK
My favourite accessories from Kanchan Couture have to be these cuffs. I love the grungy look of the leather and the embellishment of the tear drop. Its edgy but still feminine.
Teal Music Note Bracelet- NEW
Kanch recently designed a collection called My Boyfriend is Rockstar and I really like the chunkiness of this bracelet, its a statement piece and its all you need for an outfit!

Classic Forest Green Guriya Scarf - IN 11 COLOURS
Perfect for a summer or autumn breeze, made of a beautiful silk and a unique screen print and can be worn in multiple ways, its a must have!

Forest Green Underjupe
You can't go wrong with a heavy pleated skirt like this. It's a flattering shape and works for all figures.

Green Tea Trench Coat
Ideal for a breezy day and is truly a must have. You can wear it over your jeans or dress, casual or formal its up to you!

Kanch's colour palette is such a breathe of fresh air, they're vibrant, eccentric and full of life.
I can't wait to show you our IFF 10 piece collection!
Love, Petra

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