Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Resort 2012

To be honest, I’ve never really kept up to date with resort wear but starting this year I’m going to make more of an effort for Resort wear! I think its because It’s not really “high fashion” I guess you could say I’m a Couture girl for sure because I love the drama of the clothes, and the extravagant designs. Resort wear is more minimalistic which I’ve grown to really like.

Matthew Williamson

Mr Williamson’s Resort collection didn’t surprise me, not in a bad way, it’s just Williamson is so well known for his prints and mixtures of fabric, I expected nothing less from him. I love this collection; I love the gorgeous deep blue hue dress, the beautiful high waisted metallic looking skirts and especially the light teal and peach jacket.
Needless to say this collection is perfect for Resort wear, that is if you want to lounge out in style, I know I do.

Michael Kors

Now….Michael Kors…what the hell was he thinking.
Some of this Resort wear was interesting and mediocre to me, definitely not my style. It seems as if he was inspired by scuba attire not to mention the models look so unhappy and frumpy in his clothes!
Also the jesus sandals really don’t do it for me. What a strange…..strange collection. The only item of clothing I liked was his black dress with the gold bangles and belt-love it, now what happened to the rest of it?

Alexander McQueen

McQueen’s Resort collection was absolutely stunning, I loved Sarah Burton’s take on the boyfriend look with the cut of pant legs with a shiny leather tuxedo belt. I loved how a lot of pieces were separates and mixing and matching is definitely encouraged in this collection. The colours and fabrics in this collection were very minimal and toned down, apart from the lovely pop of cheetah/tiger print and leather dresses.

Love. Petra

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