Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dior without Galliano

It seems that Christian Dior have been busy since John Galliano’s departure and dismissal from his own brand.

Dior showcased their AW 2011 Haute Couture collection in Paris last Monday.

So how would I describe the show? A mess, not even a hot mess, It was just all over the place, no consistency, boring and quite chaotic.

The past few Dior Haute Couture collections were fantastic, well constructed, glamorous, sexy , feminine, and truly Haute Couture- worth its price, this collection however…bleeuuhh. I’m also sure that celebrities won’t be rushing to sport the new collection.

The collection featured some clown attire and large plastic round embellishments that looked like fish scales.
There was a lot of mixing and matching, print skirt, print corset, large ruffle collars and to top it off a large ball on the model’s head.

Many critics and reviews have been quite embarrassing for the fashion house and when the show ended, there wasn’t much applause.

Although I believe Galliano was wrong in doing what he did, the situation was unclear. He was being rude, racist and obnoxious but he was also drunk and being filmed by random people that were egging him on.

We can’t deny that Galliano has got talent and impeccable skill, passion for fashion and an eye for design I think I agree with everyone on this- BRING GALLIANO BACK!

Love, Petra

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