Friday, July 1, 2011

HK Gem & Jewellery Fair

Last week Kanch and I went to the HK Gem and Jewellery Fair. We left at 3 after a bridal consultation with a new client-she was lovely! Then caught a taxi to the HK convention and exhibition center. I told to the taxi driver to go to The Renaissance Harbor view hotel because I didn't know how to say HKCEC in Chinese haha. I said to Kanch that I had only remembered it because of club Tribeca-back in the day and she goes yeah it was called something else before that ”Club-ING!! I’m sure the Hong Kong bred will know what I mean!
We got out the taxi with our passes in our hands and headed in.
There were people everywhere from all over the world, buyers, manufacturers, from Ukraine, Italy, India and Spain to name a few.
It was super overwhelming but we had a game plan. Kanch wanted to check out the silver jewellery floor-5th so we took the 3 extra long escalators up.
These exhibition halls are usually used for concerts so you can imagine how big the halls were.

There was booth after booth, jewellery of different colours, and stones. There were earrings, necklaces, clasps, lockets, photography equipment- I could go on!

This was my first time going to the Jewellery Fair and I really enjoyed it. I really takes a lot out of you, after 1 hall of asking questions, talking to the manufactures and being chased for mine and Kanch’s business card you get a little tired!!
1 hall took us a little over an hour to look through and after the silver jewellery hall, we decided to check out the fine jewellery.

Walking into the second hall was like walking into jewellery heaven. Kanch and I had seen some of the rarest stones and most outrageous pieces yet. The necklaces were oversized and full of diamonds and precious stones. Everything was a lot more extravagant in this hall with rare stones and beautifully cut diamonds.
We were so tired after the second hall, especially since we had done a whole lot of walking that week because we were in Guangzhou doing some sourcing and research. Walking around 5 different malls that are all 3x the size of IFC you do get a little delirious and tired haha.
We decided to call it a day and left the HKCEC. It was such a lovely day and Kanch and I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun. We’ll be back for the next fair and hopefully the Las Vegas one next year!!

Love Petra.

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