Friday, April 5, 2013

Summer Stylin'

In this horrible weather we've been having lately but I've been very optimistic about the summer and sunshine so I thought i'd blog about your summer must-haves.

Last week I bought a couple of dresses online and having them arrive is exactly like Christmas, except you know exactly what you're going to get. Unfortunately I haven't been able to wear any of them due to the weather but that hasn't stopped me from buying more and coordinating outfits in my head- haha.

I've complied a list of things that you can build on that a perfect summer styles. Start with the basics and go from there!

The first of course is sunglasses, whether you're on the beach or you're just having a walk about. Sunglasses look great and they offer good protect from the sun so pick a pair that match your face shape.

Summer shoes used to consist of just flip flops and sandals but now there are Toms, Espadrilles, Jelly Sandals, or Grecian sandals so pick a pair that a ideal for your day. 

Summer dresses of course are ideal because they come in all shapes and sizes, prints and fabrics suited for where you are. Wear lighter breathable fabrics such as jersey or mixed fabrics to minimize the heat. Wear a maxi dress or sun dress for different occasions and choose some fun prints or bright colours to bring out your skin tone.

Love, Petra

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