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Hello lovelies!

I wanted to dedicate this post to our fabulous jewellery that we've been creating for 2 years now! It sounds like ages and when you look at all our collections it definitely shows!

We've currently got about 29 collections using tons of different materials, stones and embellishments that are sourced from all over the world such as India, China, the US, and recently Germany.

Its been so wonderful seeing our collections grow and learning more and more about techniques and trends that i've complied a list of my favourite collections and Kanch's.

Most of our components are made from brass which is created by using a sheet of metal, in our case a brass base metal and then a pattern is cut, embossed or engraved using a machine or by hand, depending on how intricate the design is. The piece is then mass produced, cleaned and sorted as the defect ones are thrown away or melted to recreate a new piece. Some pieces are wet sanded to remove marks or create smoother edges.

Another way of creating a brass piece is to create a mold of a design, that like a stencil is the negative so that the mold can be filled with metal and left to cool to keep its shape.

After either of these processes it is then micron plated, using gold or silver to prolong its life. Micron plating indicates the thickness of the plating. The great thing about brass jewelry is that the price is great and if you take care of your piece and clean it every so often and keep it in a dry place, it will last you years.
As a bonus, if you like vintage jewellery your item will wear over time and have an antique look, which personally is my favourite type of jewelry.

Kanch just recently went to Tsing Tao, China to do some sourcing and check out some factories, which also make jewelry for H&M, Forever21 and Zara to name a few.

A little insight on our favourite collections.....

My favourite collections are the Indian Onyx Collection which is an Indian inspired collection with this beautiful vintage gold looking plate over the brass that gives it an antique feel.
I think this is my favourite collection because it reminds me of the jewellery the Ancient Egyptians wore.
Kanch used green, blue and purple onyx stones to give each piece a little more colour and depth which i thought was a fabulous choice as green and purple are my favourite colours.
I would call myself a plain jane, and this collection is perfect if you're looking for something simple but works with both casual and a glamourous night out.

Kanch's favourite collection (so far of course) is the Gold Collection which is our largest collection yet with over 50 pieces.
With this many pieces there is a wide range of large and small, with stones or without that suit all types of personalities, events and occasions.
The main attraction to this collection is the delicate filigree pieces with different shapes and patterns that are spruced up with jade beads, natural stones, pearls and glass.
Kanch loves a big signature piece so her favourites are the chunkier pieces but the great thing about this collection that I really like is that the larger pieces usually have smaller sister pieces for more mellow and plain or classic personalities. Check out some of the pieces below!

Love, Petra

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