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When it comes to fashion there are so many behind the scenes type jobs, you have stylists, make-up artists, directors, designers, photographers etc and I have had the pleasure of experiencing a lot of these aspects.

I have always loved behind the scenes type jobs, the anticipation, the excitement, the rush and the chaos comes with the job. My favourite would have to be the runway shows when all the models are getting their hair and make up done and the lights and music are being tested, you can feel the anticipation in the air and the atmosphere starts to get tense and the pressure builds.

I think I like the stress because so much goes into planning a show like this that you need to make sure every detail is in place, everything is working and ready to go. Maybe even living in Hong Kong explains why I like the hustle and bustle of a city like Hong Kong and all it has to offer.

I remember one of our last shows at Vero Lounge for the launch of our Kanch line by KC we got to the venue a couple hours before hand and started to decorate and make sure everything was in place.
While the models got their hair and make-up done, I planned with a fellow intern at the time who was going to wear what. We had these A3 pieces of paper where we wrote the girls names on them and wrote down their outfits and next changes.
That night was such a hustle as the girls had to change in the smallest room behind a makeshift back drop where the models came out. Not only did we have to dress the girls but we also had to pick out jewellery that was kindly lent to us by fellow designer and good friend Megha of Taara Jewellery. All the pieces were very intricate so we had to be careful when putting them on the models while changing their outfits.
In the end there were a few hiccups but nothing anyone noticed so it was a great success and everyone breathed a sigh of relief after everything was over.

When you're doing a fashion show it completely flashes before your eyes and before you know it the model is in then shes rushed back out with only a few seconds to change.

Lately I've been watching the Rachel Zoe project and it is such a perfect and accurate look into the backstage/behind the scenes footage. What I especially admire is Rachel Zoe's dedication and the work that goes into a shoot or a show. One of my favourite episodes featured a cover shoot with Harpers Bazzar with Demi Moore on the front cover with, believe it or not a giraffe!
It gave viewers an inside peek at the ins and outs of styling a shoot. Zoe would pull several looks and edit while she was on set baring in mind the them and look of the shoot.

We can't wait to do something on a larger scale (although we don't necessarily need a giraffe) and we will definitely share our experiences with you all!

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