Monday, August 27, 2012


Some people think theres a difference between art and fashion but I personally dont. Everything usually starts with a concept, some inspiration, an idea or experimentation. Then again I everyone has their own artistic impression, whether you're an artist or not.

Even though some brands create very simple pieces shapes and patterns are taken into consideration to flatter the wearers body. Like the simple t-shirt dresses or shift dresses that are super trendy right now and perfect for Hong Kong weather.

Our designer Kanch has always been a big fan of art and fashion and collaborating them in a more literal sense by spray painting portraits of her family on t-shirts and using different mediums for different effects. We love to DIY our own t-shirts here at KC and Kanch and I are big fans of cutting our t-shirts for a different fit and cutting shapes to spruce up a plain tee or dress.

Kanch also hosting a few events and worked with other designers that have similar aesthetics to create special one off designs for charity.

When I think of fashion and art, I think of Iris Van Herpen. A very talented designer with a unique sense of style. Herpen Couture is some of the most intricate pieces I've seen on a runway, using different materials, not necessarily fabrics but wires and plastic. I love the way shapes are created with materials that aren't your everyday fabrics- I mean that's what fashion and art is about right? Pushing boundaries, testing limits, experimentation, and deconstruction.

I guess art in a sense is just creating something rather than a process even though the process is a key part of the finishing product but the same principles apply.

Kanch once created a skirt that had close to 50 metres of silk with a beautiful silk-screen print on the layers which created a lot of volume and was reminiscent of a 50s poodle dress, just A LOT bigger! The printing on the skirt was so stunning and the colours worked so well together that I would certainly call it fashion art.

I hope she'll create more of these one off pieces... I'll have to convince her!

Love, Petra

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