Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is for the future of Couture??

I was reading an article in the Financial Times and it made me think. Yet again the question on everyone’s lips at the moment is what is the future of Couture? With clients becoming more demanding of wearable, accessible collections, is the grandeur and ceremony associated with couture clothing really necessary anymore? The traditionalists say ‘yes’ and I would tend to agree. Couture is the expression, liberation and freedom that designers need to truly express their creativity and imagination. From there, these outrageous ideas and concepts are filtered down to the ready-to-wear and, from there, the high street trends. What happens now in couture determines what everyone will be wearing in years to come.

However, these couture collections often resemble museum pieces and rarely reflect the needs and wants of the ultimate consumer. The couturiers intentions may come into question. Is making a public statement solely about beauty, technique and creativity without consideration for the lifestyles of the woman beneath really enough? Couture clothes are works of art, items to inspire while making a statement and when you are up there with the likes of Christian Dior, Valentino, and Chanel, you can afford artistic license to be creative with couture safe in the knowledge that clients will come. But couture clothing is not main-stream and everyday women cannot see themselves in the feathers, beading, lace and ruffles that make up the elaborate styles. When you are a growing fashion business in a buyers’ market, you have to produce and provide items that women can see themselves wearing.

We love creating glamorous, unique, couture pieces, but to keep up with the client’s needs and to grow as a business it is essential to expand and branch into new avenues. For us, this will involve bringing out a new collection in March of ready to wear items. Watch this space for more detail.

We’re ready to take on a new world.....

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