Monday, February 22, 2010

Artistic Engagement

Art is a major influence on society and can evoke strong feelings in an audience. The artistic director of Hermes believes that the relationship between art and craft is the building block of civilization. These days, fashion houses across the world are trying to capture something of the kudos that surrounds the art world. It is the grand, luxury goods brands that are the most intimately engaged in the world of art. From Agnes B’s art exhibitions and Puma’s handbag-cum-art object launched in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery to Rolex’ partnerships with many of the world’s leading opera houses, they’re all at it.

From our perspective, we want to be part of the future, staying ahead of the trends and focusing on innovative ways to put ourselves out there. We want to create our own foundation and building blocks from which to influence civilisation. At Kanchan Couture we believe collaborations provide an exciting platform for growth. We have done a number of collaborations ourselves with art galleries, boutique hotels, and museums, which not only brings in a new source of clientele, but the context, lighting and mood of the collection changes, thereby creating a new feel for the work. We’ve found that by doing so, the visit becomes infinitely more refreshing and adventurous than going to the same place and only seeing the same thing every time you visit. It places the brand in an entirely different context.

Collaborations also enable us to ally our brand with a certain image. We recently decided to do a collaboration exhibition at the Vitamin Water pop-up store because their company image of vibrancy, colour and energy fit perfectly with our own values. It allowed for a promotion and reinforcement of the values of both brands.

Art provides the best means through which to express our beliefs, freedom and personality in a way that people can relate to. It can make fashion more accessible, for example the Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti-strewn bags for Louis Vuitton. According to him, the bags represented ‘a triumph of the human hand in an age of mega-corporation and mass production’. This style of collaborative work with artists allows designers to engage with artists and brings a new edge and creativity to designers work. It creates a style of dressing that isn’t like everyone else, while at the same time creating something unique and funky; wearable art. Especially with limited edition pieces, such as our Kanchan Couture and UFO Republic collaborative scarf. This style of collaboration allows fashion to bring the magic from artists’ imaginations into our everyday lives- an ambition long beloved by the avant-guard.

This year is all about building new partnerships with big ideas...

Lets bring on the creativity!!

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