Friday, January 9, 2009

New York Calling…

I often find myself using holidays as an escape of my present reality but time and time again realizing only that I run into another reality… this teaches me to love my present reality.

New York, New York, New York is where I chose to go this year… love hate relationship began with this city several years ago while I was doing my undergraduate degree upstate. Frequently haunting the city to absorb all its culture, see the sights and off course get up to some fun fun fun night out’s!

Coming back a few years later brought me a very different encounter. It’s strange how when we visit the same places a few years later the experience is a whole different one, as they say change is the one constant factor in life and we need to embrace it.

While being on holiday I feel it is always important to absorb the life and times of the city…

New York is the commanding center of fashion and style in the United States holding some of the country's best fashion design schools. Many designers have built their company headquarters and flagship stores there. A dear friend of mine who I met while studying in London moved to NY to start her own label and is doing superbly well: Love Brigade, Inc. 230 Grand St Brooklyn, By exchanging a few emails, I realized that she was not in NY at the time but traveling around the country building her empire. I am rather excited for her and hope to collaborate in the near future.

Next I was introduced to a super cool t-shirt and graphic designer ( who has a showroom / retail space in the east village. We met at the studio and he was lovely enough to show me around and explain the happenings of the NY Fashion scene. The retail space was divided up by a simple yet effective concept whereby several designers shared the space covering the rent expense. I have seen the same idea in London, with the high cost of retail space it is a smart idea and wonder if it could work in Hong Kong. You see this being done by malls but not in the same way where the designers actually share the space. We talked for a while about the ups and downs of running a retail / design business. I left not only feeling grateful that he had shared his time and knowledge with me but also feeling a certain compassion that most designers share with one and other.

A little bit of history…

New York City's rise to fashion prominence began near the end of the 19th century, as new technologies increased the speed at which clothing could be produced. New York was a main center of this new manufacturing. Long before this early in New York's history, there were many custom dressmakers producing couture garments for their (mostly wealthy) clients.

After spending a few hours browsing my favorite bookshop in St.Marks place, checking out the fashion scene briefly, spending some quality time with the family and catching up with old friends. I was ready to go back home and face the happenings of the New Year!!!

Leaving you with some interesting street art found in NYC:

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