Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's Suprise

A lovely surprise …this year it looks like Santa heard my wishes early and brought my creative soul mate and best friend back from London to surprise me. As he casually walked into the studio the neighbors heard me scream “Jeffie!!.”

We speedily caught up on the happenings of the last four months and both hungry to create something new chose a date for our next photo shoot…here we go again models, hair, make-up, lights and action!! Before we get carried away we both decided a brainstorm for concept etc was important.

My three favorite ad champagnes For the moment:

Mixing all our ideas together creating a new world, our world, a world where we have no boundaries and are free.

Planning ahead we moved on to how we would promote this shoot around Hong Kong and which magazines we would both love to be a part of. I continued to ramble on about Vogue China, Tatler etc as Jeffie excitedly started talking about our first billboard located on the escalator on Wellington Street.

I definitely owe my life to Alex, billboard maestro, a dear friend and director of TCOB Media, they are the most creative media agency around, if you saw that giant rugby ball around town during the Bledisloe cup…yep that was them. Recently they have come up with a great concept of a billboard “share” where more than one company can be displayed, this is great for the smaller companies out there who don’t have a gazillion dollar advertising budget.

Back to gossiping with Jeffie about being famous together, who we would invite to our parties and our penthouse in Paris, l’atelier in Berlin and yacht in St. Tropez.

Simply cheesy….but at the end of the hours filled with banter on love, life and London town my heart felt warm and cozy just to know that there will always be some friends whom you pick up just where you left off and that sparks of creativity and inspiration fill the room as soon as you connect….watch out, we’re brewing up a storm, Untitled Stories II, coming summer 2009!!!

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