Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fashion and films

When you think of fashion films words like random, long, floaty and artsy spring to mind. You almost need to have a degree in art film interpretation to understand the meaning behind most of these films. It’s all well and good gaining awards and accolades but if the everyday people who watch them haven’t got a clue what it’s about then its not going to appeal to a very large audience. Plus eight to ten minutes seems a bit excessive. I’m not saying these films aren’t worth a watch, they are! They are often intricate, deep and thought provoking. However, artsy and floaty isn’t really our style and while we don’t have the resources to create a full on 10 minutes mini movie style fashion film, we thought we could dip into this ever-increasing phenomenon and bring out our own condensed version.

Our fashion film / commercial will be launched in June and will focus on showcasing our new range of ready to wear clothing, “Kanch” by Kanchan Couture, with a funky storyline that we hope will capture people’s attention. We decided to go for a slightly edgy twist. Expect splashes of text, upbeat music and a storyline that will keep you hooked.

We felt this would be a perfect way to engage with Generation Y. The times are changing and static billboards and fliers just don’t cut it any more. It used to be that girls, in particular, were influenced by glossy magazines. Now, viral media and social networks dominate; Youtube, Facebook, Bloggers and style websites are the new influences for the woman of today.

So, keep your ear to the speaker and your eyes on the tube (Youtube that is) as the “Kanch” viral campaign will soon be making its way to a URL near you!

Check out our Facebook page for behind the scenes pictures, up soon!

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